Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mary wants to come to coop houses near you!

Hi, I’m Mary Regan. 
I’m excited to become a member of the Intertwinkles team! 

I have been a community organizer all of my adult life and a member of cooperative houses for a large part of my life, as well. What unites these aspects of my life is the strong belief that we humans are communal people whose lives are improved when we work and live together, sharing ideas, responsibilities, strategies, food, and resources.

Intertwinkles is working to develop online tools to help coop houses and activist groups communicate and democratically make decisions together, overcoming obstacles often imposed by our mobile lives and power imbalances.  I am especially enthused that these tools could help strengthen the coop house movement and possibly enable the development of new coop houses.

If you live in a coop, we’d love to show you our tools, let you try them out, and get your feedback to make them better suited to your needs! I’m interviewing coop housemates about their current decision making processes and scheduling workshops at several coops in the Boston area.  
Please feel free to contact me at to bring Intertwinkles to your coop house!

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